Telling a story throughout a series of different shot.

A lot of the work I do includes taking a variety of different types of shots.  Sometimes I also am required to shoot video as well. When I accept a project like this, I understand that I’m signing up to “tell a consistent, dynamic story” that embodies the persona and core values of the client.

Assume that I already have obtained the key information I need to understand the core messaging and identity points for the company. I take that information and pack each separate shot with elements that weave that consistent story throughout the entire set of images. I use lighting, color palette, facial expressions, perspective, positioning, clothing, etc. as separate levers to produce “unique uniformity.” That seems like an oxymoron, but each image I take has a different purpose and subject, and accordingly, has to be distinctive.  At the same time, the corporate messaging must remain constant throughout the entire series.

Consider the images in this post. This client is a law firm and I wanted to project utmost professionalism without stuffiness. Inclusion. Openness and positivity. Individuality. Action.  With each image I worked to instill visual cues that evoked these traits into the shot … whether it was for a more relaxed group shot, a work session or individual portraits. Clothing, positioning and perspective, as well as bright lighting and a mature but bold color palette throughout the series all helped to maintain the story throughout the set.

Even when my assignment is not for an extensive mix of photographs, I work to familiarize myself with the existing corporate imagery so I can fold the ongoing story into the new shots I take. Doing so is good business, and it’s the way I work. Looking to make any shoot the most effective I can deliver for the client.

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