Maximizing your return during executive photo shoots.

When business-people find they have an immediate need for a formal corporate executive’s portrait, time is not the only driver for the project. Even when the initial project requirement is only for a single headshot of the exec in a pre-determined pose. The project shouldn’t be that quick or easy. Or be satisfied with a single acceptable image.

If I were to respond to these types of projects by taking that single shot, in the single pose, I would probably be wasting the client’s time and money in the long run. That’s because the most valuable asset executives have to manage is time. Scheduling a photo session relies on a complex collection of events and factors all coming together synergistically. If the photo shoot doesn’t produce exactly what the end business use requires, we have to reschedule and hope that the scheduling stars align again before time runs out. If a different requirement for a photograph arises that can’t use the one pose we have on file, we have to reschedule another shoot.

Taking photos is definitely NOT the most important use of an executive’s time. Therefore, when I do have any opportunity to have an executive sit for a portrait, I try to take a wide range of other shots after the preview of the required pose is accepted. This is important because once a website, printed annual report or other business use goes to the design team, it isn’t uncommon to have the team change their minds on what would best fit the piece. The request for a simple headshot may become a preference for a full standing portrait … or the design team may want to change perspective or lighting.

Also, by capturing a variety of executive shots, with different settings, angles and lighting, the company gets a selection of different images on file to pull from. This enables them to stay ahead of the curve when the next request arrives. This saves time, money and enables more rapid response to last minute requests. 

Professional portraits are an important component of a company’s marketing assets. And executive time is valuable. This approach delivers a better return for the company’s dollar.

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