Functioning as part of your design team with a clear design aesthetic in mind.

I never could identify with photographers who come into a project like a laser guided airstrike, or those who exert total, unwavering control of a shoot since, “They just know better.”  Because the reality is, that a good photograph takes time and the knowledge of key, relevant corporate information. There’s no way I could know more about a company than the people who live in it every day.

It doesn’t take a village to build a successful photo shoot, but it does take a well-coordinated team effort.  My responsibility is to bring everything I know about the art of creating appealing, goal-based photography to the table.  I need to contribute my expertise, control of lighting, framing, exposure, composition and everything else about the mechanics of taking exceptional photographs. But to do that, it’s also my responsibility to incorporate my client’s corporate persona, design aesthetic and core values into my process to get the best shoot possible.

Therefore, it’s crucial that I understand and work closely with the people in charge of the client’s corporate identity. I become a part of the corporate design effort to the extent that the corporate design standards, identity and messaging are preserved and clearly displayed in the final products.

Let’s face it. When you are looking for a corporate or business photographer, or a photographer to capture your executive team’s portraits, you aren’t looking for someone who can create a unique, stand-alone piece of art. If I work with your company, that’s not what I do. I work for you. I support your design and marketing team. I come fully prepared to take direction from your team because that is the best way to create the images you can use and that will be the most impactful.

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